Haleigh at Style Lab

Haleigh worked hard, and saved her money to attend the Style Lab at Living Proof Headquarters in Cambridge, MA. She continues to invest in herself and develop her expertise to provide the best skill and up-to-date techniques for the clients at Tryst! More

Living Proof Style Lab

Lacey and Haleigh traveled to Cambridge, MA this August to attend Living Proof Style Lab. Style Lab is an intensive two day training at the Living Proof headquarters. The Training includes product emersion, haircutting, up-do styling, expert blow-drying techniques, and touring the Lab where all the products are formulated with the Living ... More

Olympic Champion Aly Raisman

Gymnast Aly Raisman has passion, poise and determination in spades. Living Proof partnering with her was a no-brainer: she’s a local Boston girl who has been using Living Proof products for a long time. Living Proof had the 22-year-old Needham, MA native over to their Cambridge headquarters to talk training, beauty and how she handles the ... More

Full Dry Volume Blast

Introducing Living Proof's newest innovation: Full Dry Volume Blast! Available at Tryst. Full Dry Volume Blast is a volumizing spray with a new patented particle called ETAS. ETAS are basically microscopic, inflated spheres that attach weightlessly to the hair to provide instant, lasting volume! It works miracles on fine, flat hair. It’s a ... More

Mitchell John Salon

While in Boston, Haleigh and Lacey treated themselves to haircuts at Mitchell John Salon with Lacey's Living Proof Co-Educator Eric Hauck. Mitchell John Salon is owned by Mitch DeRosa Co-Founder and Owner of Living Proof. Living Proof is a technology driven consumer products company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company was ... More

New Styling Chairs

At Tryst, your comfort is our priority! We recently just got beautiful, all new styling chairs from Belvedere Salon Supplies! More


Christine is a Pediatric Critical Care doctor in the Midwest. Due to her day job, she really doesn't have much time in the mornings. Her blog, 15 Minute Beauty started as a way for her to stop offering comments on every one else's beauty blog and keep track of stuff she has loved. Check out her tutorial on "How to get your best hair". More

Curly Hair and Dry Shampoo

Do you have curly hair? Are you unsure how to best utilize dry shampoo? Living Proof to the rescue! Check out this tutorial on the right way to use dry shampoo on curly hair. More

“Guys, I’m sticking with Living Proof”

I'm often asked by clients about Wen hair products. Television marketing is a powerful tool. I myself have been captivated by the infomercials. BUT, all of the research I've done has led me back to NO. Just no. My opinion: bad ingredients, bad reviews, and now more than 200 women claimed Wen hair products caused baldness. Blogger Cara of ... More

EVOLVh SmartCurl for Straight Hair

EVOLVh SmartCurl Treatment isn't just for curly hair. You can organically seal out frizz and humidity on straight hair too! The before photo is untreated hair blown dry without a brush. The after photo is treated hair that has been blown dry with a brush. The brush of course will smooth the hair better than without, but you can see the ... More