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Going from all over blonde to multi-tonal

Haleigh took her client from an all over bleach blonde, to this sultry dimensional color! More

Going Lighter

Going lighter is a process! This was two rounds of color work (on hair that was dyed black) to achieve this multi-tonal finished look. More

Box Color Fix

Before and After! This client had been using brassy box color on her hair. It took two rounds of balayage, paired with foil highlight to achieve this beautiful multi-tonal fix! More

Balayage around the face

This client wanted a little pop of lightness around the face. Haleigh gave her soft balayage highlights for a multi-tonal color. More

Oil Slick

Many people have been asking for a new color style called "oil slick". Here is this type of color done by Haleigh with Pulp Riot hair color. More

Baby Lights

This is a combination foil color of baby lights and balayage by Haleigh! More

Soft Balayage

This soft balayage color was done by Lauren at Tryst No.2! More

Pulp Riot

Loving this fashion color done by Haleigh with Pulp Riot hair color! More

Color Correction

This was a home box color gone wrong! She wanted to be blonde, and instead, got brassy, and splotchy. This correction was done by Lacey, and had to be done in two steps. Friends don't let friends box color! More

Hair Envy

This is one of our most popular photos! This gorgeous color was done by Haleigh! More