Living Proof Timeless now available!

We have the complete collection of Living Proof’s new Timeless collection available!

Timeless is clinically proven to combat the signs of aging for beautiful, healthy hair at any age.

What causes hair to age? Age-related changes caused by both internal (intrinsic) and external (extrinsic) factors. Internal factors are personal to you and can begin to show in your 30s. External factors are the damage to hair over time from heat, UV and chemical treatments. Timeless is formulated to combat these factors.

The Timeless Pre-Shampoo Treatment includes an advanced shampoo-activated color seal technology plus UV absorbers to keep color vibrant and truer, longer by protecting against the three causes of color fade: water rinse out, UV rays and heat styling.

The Science behind Timeless:

The Living Proof Timeless™ Collection is powered by a Fortifying Complex, the most scientifically advanced, skincare-inspired technology, that fortifies hair and improves its strength and reducing breakage by 85% after ONE use. It is comprised of:

– Amino Acids: help strengthen and fortify hair strands

– Ceramide-like lipids: keep the cuticle sealed and smooth to the touch

– OFPMA + protein: our Healthy Hair Molecule, controls moisture flux, keeps hair strong and repels dirt and oil so hair stays cleaner, longer.