Haircuts in a bottle now available!

Do you sit and pick at your split ends? You know you probably do! Here is the solution to end all solutions!: Living Proof has an amazing new product: Fresh Cut split end mender!

Instantly seals and heals split ends to keep hair looking and feeling freshly cut.

Fresh Cut is lightweight, fast absorbing, and perfect for all hair types. Plus it is layerable enough that you can use it on both wet and dry hair (and with your favorite styling products).

  • Instantly seals and heals split ends thanks to the advanced instant-zip technology
  • Mimics the look of a fresh haircut by sealing and smoothing  ends and aligning hair fibers for a cleaner look
  • For best results, apply it daily to wet hair after a shower and on dry hair after styling. To help prevent split ends, start using it right after you get a haircut. To treat split ends, use Fresh Cut to keep them sealed.