Gym to work hair – No washing required!

Thanks to Living Proof Dry Shampoo you can wash less and live more – even after your workout! Living Proof Perfect hair Day Dry Shampoo contains fast-absorbing powders that soak up oil and sweat. Patented OFPMA molecule reduces the surface friction on hair, so it’s easy to remove the powders making this the next best thing to washing your hair. Odor neutralizers eliminate less desirable smells, and time release fragrance releases a light, clean scent all day long.

Check out this great how-to from Living Proof Educator Martha Lynn here


  • Cleans beyond an ordinary dry shampoo making it the next best thing to washing your hair.
  • Absorbs and removes not only oil, but also sweat and odor so hair looks, feels and smells clean – no matter your hair color.
  • Contains time-release fragrance delivers a light, clean scent throughout the day.