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Is your nail polish healthy?

We've been getting a lot of questions about TPHP (an ingredient in nail polish that can be found in women's bodies after one use, and apt to cause hormone problems). This issue was even covered recently in the news and here at Byrdie. Never fear, Zoya to the rescue! This ingredient is NOT in our Zoya polishes. Zoya polishes are all 100% ... More

She is the Living Proof

It's always wonderful to hear testimonials from clients on their experience with Living Proof products. At Living Proof, we always say "We are the Science, you are the Living Proof!". Our products are formulated by MIT Scientists with patented molecules to ensure ALL of the products live up to their claims. Here is a lovely blog describing ... More

Introducing Modern Love: The Podcast

Living Proof is the title sponsor of the new podcast Modern Love. It launched in a joint production between NYT and WBUR to bring some of our favorite Modern Love essays to life. It is already the number 2 download on iTunes! The first two episodes, available to stream here are “A Craigslist ‘Missed Connection’ Lure” read by the ... More

Go ahead, cheat on your lover.

Do you love your current dry shampoo? If it's not Living Proof's dry shampoo, may I suggest you cheat on your lover. Living Proof's dry shampoo is unlike all other dry shampoos on the market. Most other dry shampoos are actually texturizers to add body to try to hide the flat, dull nature of dirty hair. Living Proof's dry shampoo actually ... More

Up your “dirty hair” game!

Here is a great tutorial of four quick hair styles when you don't have time to wash and have to go! More

ABA Hair Show, Edmonton Canada

As an Educator with Living Proof, I am able to travel to teach product information and styling in salons, and at industry conventions. I had the opportunity to do presenting stage work at the ABA show in Edmonton, Canada this past year. It's such an honor to share my love and knowledge of Living Proof and hair techniques with my fellow ... More

Gym to work hair – No washing required!

Thanks to Living Proof Dry Shampoo you can wash less and live more - even after your workout! Living Proof Perfect hair Day Dry Shampoo contains fast-absorbing powders that soak up oil and sweat. Patented OFPMA molecule reduces the surface friction on hair, so it's easy to remove the powders making this the next best thing to washing your ... More

Topage (Teasing Hair)

I learned how to do an up-do style with ONE pin at Living Proof Educator Training! We created a lot of volume with Topage (Also known as teasing). This style can be wild, and editorial, or tailored down for a glamorous, more traditional style. -Lacey May More

Ward Stegerhoek

Editorial and Runway Stylist Ward began his career as a teenager styling hair in some the most progressive salons in Amsterdam. Trained at the Vidal Sassoon Academy, he quickly realized that his interest was in styling for editorial and runway and made his way to Paris. Since then, he has worked around the world for Vogue, Harper's ... More

Living Proof Educators

I love being an Educator with Living Proof. It's a product and a company I believe in. I continue to be blown away by the products, new ideas, and techniques they share with me. At Living Proof we say, "it's not about the hair you have, it's about the hair you want". With Living Proof, we have the ability to give you the style you want - and ... More